Empowerment of women
This program arises from the need to provide poor families with a microbusiness to access credit without having great guarantees, or credit history to support it. We provide funds with a flat 5% interest so that the best microentrepreneurs can either expand their business or access working capital.

Our methodology is very Grameen Bank style, users are treated with all respect, and they are held responsible for this program that must be self-managed and conducted with the minimum possible cost, since the sustainability of it is given by the very small interest offered by the placement of the funds.

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To improve the living conditions of the owners of micro and small companies and their families, oriented to the most vulnerable sector of the economically active population pyramid of the municipality of Ciudad Sandino. Guaranteeing profits that allow them to develop a business idea or expand it.

COMPONENTS: Credit, Training and Technical Assistance (Business Promotion).

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Photos from Fundacion Fenix's post

Fundacion Fenix

19 hours 46 minutes ago

AMIGOS!!!!!! Mientras en La Finca Escuela están en Big Camp, otro equipo estamos en el Crucero desarrollando evento de Réplica y tambien el taller de Escuela de Padres en Nodo Divina infantita.

Photos from Fundacion Fenix's post

Fundacion Fenix

20 hours 54 minutes ago

Buenos días Amigos seguimos en Big Camp. Respeto, obediencia, disciplina son valores que nos preparan para tomar decisiones responsables! Arriba comunidad San Miguel Arcángel Mateare!

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