Develop actions and programs that contribute to prevent drug use in children, adolescents and young people, facilitate the rehabilitation of people prone and / or immersed in the use or abuse of drugs, motivating their development and socio-economic integration; as well as the promotion of the integral development of vulnerable groups: Children, adolescents, women, and the elderly.

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To be for our staff facilitators of personal empowerment through the strengthening of character through the practice of values, training, employment and family and community integration for the generation of personal wellbeing and social development.

  • Love to God, life, nature, work and humanity as a principle and regent of all things that are done.
  • Respect:  to the integrity of the person, to the differences of creed, race, religion, or way of thinking.
  • Family: at Fénix we work in a harmonic and family atmosphere, since Fénix promotes family integration as a basis for prevention and treatment of addictions.
  • Work: as the only means to generate wealth and improve the quality of life of those served.
    Community Integration, We believe that personal and social development can only be achieved with the participation of all social actors: community, school, family, governmental and non-governmental institutions.
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